Personalised Lego Figure

I LOVE Personalised Figure

Make your own Personalised LEGO 'I LOVE' Figure!

You can customise your character to make the perfect figure by changing aspects like the face, body, legs and more!

All orders take 1-3 business days to process as figures are made to order.

-UK orders are sent with 24/48 hour post so it should take between one to three days to arrive depending on the shipping selected.

- USA/Canada orders take 2-8 business days to arrive after it's been dispatched.

-Orders going to Europe will usually take 5-7 days working days for tracked orders and around 10 working days for countries outside the EU which are tracked. Non tracked orders inside the EU usually take 10-28 working days while outside the EU takes about 14-28 working days but could be held longer due to customs.

Unfortunatley we can't print logos or trademarks on any of the LEGO products so please use your own pictures if you add your own picture to a figure.

If you want to order ten or more figures you can apply these discounts at the checkout to save money on your order:

10-19 Figures (10% Off): 10OFFBULK

20-34 Figures (20% Off): 20OFFBULK

35+ Figures (35% Off): 35OFFBULK

If you'd rather fill out a form for your characters or have a custom request please get in touch at


Free Shipping Available

UK customers spending over £30 and USA orders above $33 have free shipping.

Show Off Your Creation!

You can either add a keychain from the item creator section or afterwards if you look up "keychain" in the search bar.

Newsworthy Figures

Our figures have been written about in a couple of newspapers and also starred on TV with BBC Nottingham.

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