By Agreeing to our terms and conditions you agree that:

  • All custom made products purchased are not returnable unless damaged in transit (Please continue reading in returns section for more details). If damaged in transit please contact us. Item must be returned with all items purchased and original packaging.
  • We are not responsible for errors on your part.
  • We are not held responsible for lost shipments. If an item is lost in transit, please contact your local post office. Please contact us within 90 days if you haven't received your item so we can file a lost shipping claim, this way we can refund you. 
  • We are not responsible for custom fees & duties and/or the customers inability to pay these to their respective country including if it ends with the seizing of their parcel before delivery.
  • An attempt to 'chargeback' via your bank a purchase made willingly to Byronbricks is considered a violation of our terms and service and will result in a ban from ordering via our store.

Shipping Policy:

Figures will take up to 3 business days after purchase to ship as they have to be made to order. We will contact you if there are going to be any additional delays beyond a day or two if parts are unavailable or there are potential shipping delays. 

We fully guarantee the figures are made as close to the picture provided as possible and we will not send faulty/damaged pieces. If a piece is faulty we will try and fix it and resolve the problem within a week of receiving the order.

Shipping prices start as follows and are calculated on checkout for larger orders:

UK: £1.50
Europe: £3
Rest of the world: £4

UK delivery are sent with 24 hour post so they should arrive one day after being shipped while orders going to Europe will take 5-14 days and around 10-14 days for countries outside the EU. Orders outside of the UK may take longer if there are hold ups in customs and in the rare occasion this happens orders make take 14-35 days to arrive.

All orders above £30 are tracked inside the UK so you can track your order and make sure it arrives safely. 

Figure Care:

When you get your figure please don’t have the sudden urge to see how durable the figure is by getting a razor and start scrapping the figure. If you scrape the figure with sharp objects it will get damaged and the design could wear away, but if you are not that spontaneous you would like to know you can hold and touch this figure without it suddenly falling apart. We recommend you don’t put this figure in direct light as it will fade the colours and we also advise you don’t put it in water as it will lose the design. Our best advice is to play with this figure lightly or have it on display and doing so will mean it will last a very long time.


We do not accept returns on custom created characters as we have specially designed the characters for you but we will try and resolve issues and designs flaws if there are any. If you have a dispute we will try and resolve the issue with sending replacement parts but if you simply don't want the characters all of a sudden we will not be offering refunds as our default position as it's a custom made item. Items which are pre-made on the other hand can be returned as this is your right to do so, but the buyer has to send the item back on their behalf. Shipping costs will also not be refunded. 


Other Disclaimers In Regards To The Design

Byron Bricks offers you official Lego TM Bricks in specially selected combinations reminiscent of popular fictional and non-fictional characters. The similarity is incidental and we in no way warrant that the likeness is accurate or representative but typical of the genre. When purchasing you are agreeing to the purchase of these specially selected brick combinations in addition to entering into an individual commission of a printing option of your choice where applicable. BB will apply the design option selected by you in each instance to create a truly customised, in some cases bespoke, product for each customer if that is the option that is selected. We print only to order so please allow extra time for order processing and delivery in accordance with this.   

In addition, as stated elsewhere BB  respects all third party trademarks, customers should also be aware of some fairly unusual terms regarding the Lego tn Minifigure conditions. This means that should you choose to have any item printed with any trademark (even your own or one you are specifically licensed to use it) or should only ever use any such printed custom products for non-commercial purposes, imply no approval of any sort from Lego or any third party and use them only for your own personal enjoyment and in that capacity alone. You should consider the Minifigure format as a sales channel controlled by Lego and therefore not use it without specific approval by them. We only supply your customised order on the basis that you understand this aspect if it is relevant to you. If this might affect your desire to order please contact us to seek prior clarification or do not place your order. 

Any copyrights remain the rights of their respective owners. All designs are parodies in the style of the genre. If any third party objects to their parody they are welcome to contact us and we will be happy to remove the design in question. All items are individually made and intended for personal enjoyment exclusively - as a respectful parody of the subject. All designs copyright Byron Bricks. Our designs are in no way approved or associated with Lego. Copyright extends to the design, look and feel of Byronbricks, all photographs on it and its marketing materials.You may use Byronbricks for private and personal non-commercial use only - i.e. to view, copy and print portions of Byronbricks for the sole purpose of placing Orders. However, Byronbricks does not make any warranty or representation in respect of any other trade mark and the trade marks of the brands featured on www.byronbricks.com belong to their respective owners.