Updates Regarding Christmas Orders

First of all we hope you have had a great Christmas, this page is here just in case your order hasn't arrived or if you made an order from December the tenth onwards. We will try and respond to your messages over the next few days but this will be delayed more than usual as we are off until January 2nd and we will resume shipping on January 4th when the post returns to dispatching orders.


Here's a few bullet points regarding orders shipped at this time:


  • Every order made before the cut off (16th) point has been shipped prior to Royal Mail's last recommended shipping date.
  • The Royal Mail has been pretty horrific in meeting their own deadlines and recommendations as orders shipped as early as early December have failed to arrive.
  • We will try and make this up to you if orders haven't arrived for the big day by offering some replacements if orders contain Christmas material which aren't relevant like Christmas hats/jumpers for instance.
  • When orders are shipped it is out of our hands, we've followed their recommendations and unfortunately due to the Omicron variant as well as the general higher frequency of orders in their system they've had pretty major delays.
  • If your order contains personalisation we can not offer a refund unfortunately as returns are not worthwhile as the LEGO has been personalised.
  • If your order hasn't arrived for Christmas it is still very likely to arrive from December 28th onwards as that is the first date post will be delivered after Christmas.
  • Obviously if you've ordered and your figures haven't arrived please get in touch and we can definitely assist you as all orders have proof of postage or signed for confirmation if it's above 30 pounds.

Also here is the Christmas terms to confirm what the terms were if you ordered in this period: