Create Your Own Minifigure
Create Your Own Minifigure

Pick The Parts Yourself

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Create your very own figure! Pick our standard custom designs to create your own personal character!

  • Pick The Parts Yourself: In this section we provide parts we've already designed so you can pick the parts yourself. You can also ask for custom heads, bodies and legs in this option for a small fee as well. If you choose a custom part please upload your pictures to your order. 
  1. Choose a hat or hair type.
  2. Pick a skin type and a facial expression, if you want to make your own face you can also select the bespoke option. If you do add your pictures above the add to cart button.
  3. Pick your torso and your torso colour if it is needed, football kits as well as wedding dresses for instance don't have this option as the colour is preset. 
  4. Add either plain legs with no printed designs or printed legs for an extra small charge. 
  5. Finally you can add optional accessories for your character and/or select the different display options for your new character. 



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