Return to the Top Flight 2020/21

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A long overdue return to the top, this team is looking to compete with the biggest teams in the world again.

 This set comprises of custom figures which are printed with our unique designs on official LEGO parts.

All our figures as well now include 360 printing for the first time so there is even more detail on the characters!

Please go to our FAQ tab for queries about shipping times and other questions you may have.

  • Choose a squad size 
  • If you order eleven select your team
  • Order any optional players if you want a set in-between
  • Set can also come with a optional frame of your choosing (COMING SOON)

- How long will my order take to arrive?

All orders take 3 days to process and UK delivery is first class so it should take one day to ship while orders going to Europe will take 5-7 days working days for tacked orders and around 10 working days for countries outside the EU which are tracked. Non tracked orders inside the EU usually take 10-14 working days while outside the EU takes about 14-28 working days but could be held longer due to customs.

- How much is shipping?

Shipping inside the UK: £1.50
There is FREE SHIPPING on: UK orders over £30
Shipping to Europe costs: £3.35
Shipping to the rest of the world costs: £4.00

Are the characters made from real LEGO parts?

Yes! All our figures are made out of official LEGO parts so they aren't cheap knockoffs!
Our figures are also very durable so they will survive light play wear and do best when displayed.