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Stranger Bricks Season 3 The Entire Collection

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Introducing every character of the Stranger Bricks season 3 collection!

This includes: 

  • Billy Hargrove
  • Dustin Henderson
  • Eleven
  • Jim Hopper
  • Jonathan Byers
  • Joyce Byers
  • Lucas Sinclair 
  • Max Mayfield
  • Mike Wheeler
  • Nancy Wheeler
  • Robin Buckley
  • Steve Harrington
  • Will Byers 




These figures are custom figures which was made with high quality LEGO bricks and are professionally printed directly onto the bricks! 

UK delivery is first class so will take one day to ship while orders going to Europe will take 5-7 days and around 10 days for countries outside the EU. 
Figure Care: When you get your figure please don’t have the sudden urge to see how durable the figure is by getting a razor and start scrapping the figure. If you scrape the figure with sharp objects it will get damaged and the design will wear away, but if you are not that spontaneous you would like to know you can hold and touch this figure without it suddenly falling apart. We recommend you don’t put this figure in direct light as it will fade the colours and we also advise you don’t put it in water as it will lose the design. Our best advice is to play with this figure lightly or have it on display and doing so will mean it will last a very long time.

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