About Us

How It Started...

Byron Bricks was technically started all the way back in late 2016 when a family friend of ours gave me a large box of LEGO at a garage sale to sell when my family used to live in the States. After sorting through the box I found characters and sets which rekindled a lot of memories of building LEGOs as a little kid and the names of parts and sets from my own childhood, and from then I started flipping people's used boxes of LEGOs to make some money as a teenager.

My family and I moved to Nottingham, UK and I continued doing this but later had the idea to make my own figures of Nottingham Forest characters from their famous European Cup team. I started making characters with water slide decals and posted them on social media and it blew up that week with BBC Nottingham running a story on the set and Nottingham Forest doing a giveaway with the characters as well.

Expanding The Business

As I made the figures by hand this was very labour intensive and I was banished to my room for what seemed like an eternity as each figure took 45 minutes to an hour to make, so after the hype died down and the anniversary passed I had the idea to expand this little business by taking out a business loan and buying a massive state of the art printer put it in my bedroom as we had no where else to put it.

This printer really kick started the business and meant I can print hundreds of figures a day instead of ten or so figures by hand in superior quality to before and from then the business evolved to enable people to make their own custom characters online.

Where We Are Today

In the past year I've slowly added my mum Michaela and my sister India to the ranks and they help a ton from assembling boxes to posting orders in North America. Marco, who's an excellent character designer has also been a massive boost creating some excellent characters as well.

I've been privileged to work with some massive companies such as DHL, Meta and Leeds United to name a few and sell thousands of figures to some amazing customers which I hope to do for many years to come and grow this small business with the help of my new team.

- Byron

Nottingham Forest LEGO

Made by hand

Early Beginnings

The set which started it off made with decals back in 2019.