About Us


Byronbricks was started to give people the opportunity to get their favourite LEGO characters they couldn’t get from the sets and to sell them at our store. Whether it is your favourite sports star or movie character there is a very high chance LEGO don’t make them so we felt like we should do something about that and offer people the chance to get them. We strive to sell the highest quality products made from new LEGO bricks and our quality designs which are all made with care.

Our store has a wide variety of characters but we can also construct characters which we don’t offer at our store if you purchase our ‘Create your own’ figure and emailing us with details of the character in question. If enough people want a character and get in touch via our survey or our social media platforms we will obviously consider making that character available at our store!

Thanks for browsing our store and we hope you love our figures as much as we do!